New Baby Pictures
Did you know there is something moving in there!
If hospital food doesn't scare the baby out, nothing will!
See how happy I am at age 15 minutes.
See how crabby I am at age 16 minutes.
If they would get this stuff out of my eyes I could see better.
How cool am I!! I am only 3-1/2 hours old and have had my first bath.
OK, now it is nap time.
I am even cute when I sleep.
Oh ya! Check me out. Cute as can be.
I love my mommy!
Look what all my IT buddies from daddy's work sent to me.
Aunt Wendy and cousin Luke came to see me in the hospital.
Mom and dad trying to take the spotlight but even in my sleep I am still the center of the Universe.
My grandma came to visit me twice!

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