Two Plus
If I am reading, people will have to take me seriously
I want to be a good boy...
How is this!
I vant to suck your yogurt!
Do I look like a tourist?
This book has pictures of me when I was just a little baby.
Where is the fire!?
This is my teddy bear bed!
So many pumpkins, so little time...
Yah! Yah! You horses!
I am just going to stand here while my assistant clears out all of the goo.
Nice, but you missed a spot.
This is not so spooky...
Aaaaaaa! I have been taken over by green space cows!
Grrrr! This will put the fear into everybody!
That old lady said it was a good apple, but it is making me sleepy...
OK! Let us go get some candy!

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